Photo Tours

(Click on above photo to view sunset time lapse movie)

For Photography Enthusiasts of all Levels

Our resident, Professional Photographer,  Don Atkinson will personally guide you to the great photo opportunities in our area.  He will be happy share his expertise with you or answer any questions you may have.  During the rainy season, be sure to bring an umbrella and plastic bag for your camera as a precaution. It’s also recommended to pack your camera bag with extra silica packets due to humidity. Because the best times to shoot are early in the morning or late in the day, Don will work with your schedule to accommodate your preference of time of day and subject matter.  Choose as many photo sessions as you like.


Price:  2-3 hours @Session: Only $50 @person (minimum 2 persons) Includes transportation. (pick your favorite subject matter from the above photos or give us your own ideas!)



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