Butterfly/Frog Gardens & More…

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Enjoy the only tour of its kind in Costa Rica!

The butterfly and frog enclosure is more that 15,000 square feet.  You can observe huge iridescent, multicolored butterflies with camouflage that makes them almost invisible… Such as: Owl butterfly, blue butterfly, tiger butterfly amongst many others as they flutter around your head.

Red Eyed Jungle Frog

See fascinating, neotropical gems, like the poison dart frogs named: Blue Jeans Frog, the Green and Black, Poison Dart Frog, the Black and Yellow Poison Dart Frog, the most poison frog in Costa Rica, and the most colorful tree and leaf frog like: Red eyed Frog and Tiger Frog.   Also see and learn about the various snakes of Costa Rica.  Have fun talking with a green, talking Parrot.  Have fun playing with  Mike, the resident, White Face Monkey.

Owl Butterfly

Price:  1hr tour: $50 @person, includes transportation  (2 person minimum, 3 or more persons half price)



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